The power of goal-setting truly changed my life. After knowing the ins and outs of how to properly set goals in my life, I came to the shocking realization that not very many people have clearly defined goals. In fact, as much as 97% of Americans do not have clearly defined goals. And, of the 3% that do, only a small percentage of them write them down and review them on a daily basis. Having clearly defined goals that are stated correctly and reviewed daily is the key to their accomplishment. I believe there are specific rules to follow in regards to goal-setting. Let's take a closer look at these rules and find out how to set clearly defined goals:



Never start your goals off with: "Someday..." or "I want to..." or "I hope to..." or even "I will..."

Your goals have immense power when stated, written, read and bellowed from the mountain tops in the present tense. Starting your goals with "I am..." and then using the present tense, as if your goals are being accomplished this very moment, provides energy, power and clarity to your subconscious. Many things happen simultaneously on a subconscious level when you state your goals in the present tense, as if they are happening right now:

Your goals immediately become more believable to you when you state them in the present tense. If all you ever say is "Someday I want to..." then your subconscious sees it as happening in the future, therefore it isn't concerned with it right now. There is no power of belief because it is far off. I see this all the time with folks...they want to be, do and have so many things in this world, but they never think of actually being, doing and having those things right now. When you start your goals with "I am..." and then finish the statement in the present tense, you are creating a sense of personal ownership each time you read your goal aloud. It starts to feel more and more real, and believable to you. The more you believe in your goal, the more action steps you’ll take to turn your goal into reality.

A second reason for writing our goals in the present tense is that our subconscious doesn't recognize or "understand" the differences in past or really only cares about the present moment. It dynamically responds best and immediately to messages of the present moment...right freaking now.


I AM. These are the most powerful words you can say. Why? Because the words “I AM” precede the subconscious beliefs you program yourself with, and thereby literally tell you how to feel in your body and mind. You are giving instruction to your subconscious every time you say "I AM." These words also instruct our Greater Mind – The Universe – to form an an outer reality to match whatever word you choose to insert after the words “I AM.”

Using "I AM" is a double-edged sword, for every time you say "I AM" and then follow it with a negative comment or explanation about yourself, you are instructing your subconscious to create more circumstances for you to feel the same. When you realize the power behind "I AM" statements, you will start being very careful what you say about yourself.


Your subconscious loves to work. It takes what you say and feel and tirelessly tries to create a circumstance that vibes with what you are saying and feeling. When we give our goals deadlines, we are telling our subconscious that we now have a target and a date. Our subconscious will work tirelessly on our behalf to bring about the people, circumstances and events that will bring us closer to our goals by the deadline. It is like a Golden Retriever fetching a ball you've thrown. It wants so badly to do right by you. When we give our goal a deadline, it becomes just that; a goal. If we don't give our goal a deadline, it is really just wishful thinking.

The important thing to remember about goal-setting with deadlines is that if you don't reach your goal by the deadline, simply bump it back. You will see the progress that has been made, adjust course if you need, and bump back the deadline as you see fit. It really is that simple...and better to refocus and bump back the deadline then get discouraged.


Casualness brings casualties. This is a biggie when it comes to setting goals. Your subconscious needs specificity in order to work at its highest level. Being casual about your goals by not being clear and specific will not bring about enough energy and desire from your subconscious. You have to feed it clarity and exactness.

Which of these two goal statements provides more clarity?

"I intend to lose 20 pounds."

"I am now weighing 180 pounds on or before November 1st."

Losing 20 pounds may in fact be your goal, but the question is, how much will you weigh exactly after losing the 20 pounds? This is what we are talking about when we engage in specificity. In the second statement, not only are we specific with the exact number of pounds to weigh, we also used "I am", kept in the present tense, and gave it a deadline.


If you aren't doing so already, after reading these rules, go out and get yourself a brand new notebook or journal. Every morning and every evening, write out 5 - 7 goals following all of the rules above. Do so without fail, until the book is complete. Doing this completely saturates your subconscious with the 5 - 7 things you desire most in this world. Your mind will begin to ponder not only what your desires are, but ways in which to accomplish them. And this may occur without your conscious mind really thinking about it. Completely inundate your mind with your goals by writing them down (using all the rules) twice a day. And, see if you can write them down without looking at your prior list. It is okay if things come and go. This is actually a practice in polishing and refining what is most important to you.

"Nothing of great pursuit in life is accomplished without setting goals. You simply can't hit a target you can't see. By implementing these rules into your goal-setting process, you will begin to uncover not only ways to accomplishing your dreams; you will actually begin to realize your larger life-purpose."