My job as your coach is not to push or pull you in any given direction. It is show you how to use the wind and the sails of your own ship to your advantage. I will show you how to navigate your own ship, as you are and always have been the commander of your vessel. Often times, people allow the winds and the sails to dictate their journey. They never take the helm, as the responsibility feels too daunting. This is living life through the eyes of a victim. With me as your guide, no longer will you let external circumstances dictate your outcomes. You will learn to respond instead of react, and excuses will cease to cross the corners of your mouth. Promise.

Whatever you are aspiring to achieve with our time together, you must know that success and the achievement of your goals requires all aspects of your life to be examined. For example, if you want my help for the growth of your new business, I am more than qualified to assist you, as I have started my own successful company in the past. That said, we will venture into not only your business aspirations, but also your health, family time, recreation, community efforts and even your deeper, personal path (your spirit). If this scares you, good. If this sounds like too much for you to get into, I am not the coach for you.

My clients are kept accountable for all aspects of their life, as this is what true success is. True happiness comes from balance. Balancing all aspects of your life in a gentle yet driven way is the equivalent to sprinting to your own finish line without ever getting tired. If you are driven solely from one aspect of your life and drown out the rest, you are living unbalanced. You are crawling towards your finish line.

Most clients come to me needing help with money. If you fall into this category, allow me to take you on the most truly heart-opening journey of your life. You see, money is quite easy to come by. Having money starts between the ears and in the deepest parts of the cells in your body. Sound crazy? I thought so too…in fact I still do. But the practices and methods that I utilize every day in my own money-earning adventure truly work. Sometimes I can hardly believe the power I actually have over my finances; not the other way around. I am not a financial advisor, therefore I am not professionally qualified to give you financial advice; my job is to help you create the proper goals that surround your financial situation. Obtaining wealth is a decision that is made before the actual wealth becomes available to you. There are tested methods of obtaining wealth that work if you put the time and energy in, no matter where you currently are on your financial path. Money is just energy. You can invite it into your life if you work on all of the things in your mind, body and spirit that are blocking your access to it. This is a big part of my mentoring. De-cluttering all of the preconceived notions you live by in regards to not only money, but all aspects of your life, is essential to raising your levels of happiness and well-being.